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Yosh, it's me again, your friendly mod, hidden_gems!

First of all, some cast annoucements:
  • _debbiechan_ is unfortunately leaving the game, meaning we lose Shinji but also Hiyori since cilou doesn't want to keep her on her own.
  • lotus_seed is hanging on to Orihime for the moment but we're actively looking for someone to take over. If you know someone who might be interested, please don't hesitate to pimp the game!
  • lotus_seed will also be giving up Yoruichi probably next month (to concentrate on Shunsui and Rukia) but kiyala will be taking over.
  • And finally (to end on a more positive note) mangotrills brings us a new Hitsugaya (shirofrost)!!
The cast list, contact sheet, and console code will be updated to reflect these changes so make sure you check and stay up-to-date!

So, after all this, here is the archive posts compilation for the month of December. We're still missing quite a few characters, so please post your links in comments as soon as you've done your archive posts. Or tell me you've done them and I'll retrieve the links myself.

January activity summaries will be due on Sunday the 4th of February, and links should be placed in comments to this post. As always, extensions are available, but you must contact Admin-sama or me to let us know that you're going to be late.

December ActivityCollapse )
Location: Wine cellar, Kitchen, and Garage
Time: Sometime after Yoruichi knocked him out
Rating: PG
18th-Dec-2006 01:47 pm - [To Gin first and then to everyone]
Young Rangiku
Location: Dining hall
Time: Afternoon (?)

*wakes up on a couch in a corner of the dining room. Yawns, stretches and opens her eyes. Blinks once, twice*

What's this place? I don't remember ever being in a place like this... Did we have a training in the human world and I fell asleep here? No, I would have remembered coming here... Or did a hollow knock me out?

*stands up and starts exploring the room, staying on guard for a possible hollow attack. There's a big table and twelve chairs, some paintings on the walls, and a big window that opens onto a beautiful garden*

This definitely looks like the human world. But I don't feel any hollow reiatsu... So why did I wake up here?

*sits on a chair to think about what could have happened to her*

Oh no... Did I drink too much yesterday and came here with other academy students, without authorization? Or... Did I sleep with someone, like... the owner of this house? Or another student? Oh my God...

*starts to panic*

This isn't good... This isn't good... Usually I remember everything, even after 4 sake bottles... What the hell did I drink???
16th-Dec-2006 11:00 pm - Cast and participation
Hey all, it's your admin thenakedcat. My exams ended yesterday at noon, and now I am FREE AS THE WIND until the 3rd of January. Which means I finally have enough time to organize a participation/recruitment drive!
Cut for lengthCollapse )

I also have a not-so-happy announcement: lotus_seed has notified me that she wishes to surrender Yoruichi(flash_goddess) and Orihime(inoue_san), although she will continue playing them in the short-term. kiyala has already volunteered to take over Yoruichi, and Orihime is on reserve while I investigate a possible solution. We will ALL miss Lotus' wonderful playing, but hopefully we will nto have to be without the characters for long, and the next player will be just as good.
8th-Dec-2006 03:22 pm - [To Shunsui and Jyuushirou]
Location: Library
Time: Straight after the kids ran outside

*Waits until his companions have both walked into the library before closing and locking the door behind them. Then he lets himself collapse into the seating units by one of the windows and lets out another deep sigh, before chuckling to himself and running a hand through his hair*

Dammit, I thought I'd have to keep this up forever! I can't believe you wouldn't let go like that, Shunsui!

Guess I didn't manage to look at the two of you objectively enough, right?

*looking at his friends with a warm smile, knowing they must think he's not making any sense right now. He gestures at the nearby table and chairs*

I owe the two of you an apology, as well as a rather complicated explanation, so maybe you should sit down...
Hello, this is your friendly mod, hidden_gems, who's sort of looking after the comm until the 15th while Admin-sama deals with exams (Ganbatte!!)

Unfortunately, she's not the only busy one right now, so here are a few cast announcements and participation updates: For those of you who don't know, chimeko was forced to give up Chad earlier this week. We're sad to see her go, especially since so very few of us got to interact with kid!Chad, but RL always takes precedence. lightseeker_81 has been really busy lately and hasn't made any progress on getting Urahara in the game yet. cilou is still having some scary computer problems. She also decided to give up Keigo so she could concentrate on her other two characters and still needs to do more planning with _debbiechan_ about Shinji and Hiyori. And ladyclodia is moving.

So, after all this, back to business: This is the archive posts compilation for the month of November. December activity summaries will be due on Thursday the 4th of January, and links should be placed in comments to this post. As always, extensions are available, but you must contact Admin-sama or me to let us know that you're going to be late.

November ActivityCollapse )
8th-Dec-2006 03:51 pm - OPEN - specifically to Ichigo
Chibi = Love
Location: Garden
Time: After he and Ichigo run outside

*Is half running, half skipping through the garden, blissfully unaware that he's going in the entirely wrong direction as he holds the damp towel in both hands*

Just hang on Orihime-chan! We'll be there soon and you'll be all better!!

*over his shoulder to Ichigo:* Hey, after we give the towel to Aniki so he can make Orihime-chan all better, do you want to plaaaay? We can chase the butterflies, or we can play tag, if you want! ^___^

*slows down after a while, realising that he should be there by now. Stops running and then looks around with a small frown, which deepens when he realises they're lost*

Umm... I think we're going in the wrong direction.
(continuation of foyer thread)

Location: Front Foyer
Time: Early afternoon(?)

*Carefully shuts the door to the Grand Suite behind him, hoping that by doing so he hasn't locked Jyuu-chan inside (doesn't fully understand locks yet). Before looking around, he feels several reiatsu very close by, some very familiar, some not so much.*

*See Kuukaku engaged in conversation with two others - a slightly agitated-looking man, and a charming little boy with bright hair*

Passing Kuu-chan by once without saying hello might be forgivable, but twice would look like I'm up to something - which I'm not today but... OH. I can try out our plan on Kuu.

*Walks up to join the trio and gives a friendly smile.*

*To Kuukaku:* So I see you're here, too, Kuu-chan. *To Ichigo and Isshin* Hello, I'm Kyouraku Shunsui. Nice to meet you.
Hey all, it's your MIA admin thenakedcat! I want to apologize deeply for not being around much the past two weeks or so, but school, house politics, and a nasty cold that's been hanging around since a week from Sunday conspired together. As a result, I've been alternately running around like a mad woman, and passed out in bed. I'm better now and my workload should be decreasing, so hopefully this won't happen again.

However, I'm not the only one who's been absent, and that leads me to my first item of business: participation reminders. mangotrills is on temporary hiatus due to computer problems, as is cilou. debbie_chan was waiting on Cilou to enter the new arc, but may have to move ahead alone. lightseeker_81 was delayed entering the game because of exams. ladyclodia is getting ready to move. hidden_gems did not archive this month, because she is participating in NaNoWriMo. OBVIOUSLY, we've got some impediments on game play at the moment, but I'd like status updates from everyone, if possible, to let me know how active you can be at the moment.

And now that that's out of the way: This is the compilation of archive posts for the month of October. November activity summaries will be due on Monday the 4th of December, and links should be placed in comments to this post. Extensions are always available, but you must contact me or Charlie to let us know that you're going to be late.

October ActivityCollapse )
Location: In a flower garden on the far side of the lawn
Time: Late morning

*Wanders away from the pool, trying to keep his stride lively, but his heart has never been this heavy before. Walks past the humans with very strange reiatsu, Kuukaku (oh MY, she's grown up!) and an Academy student he's never seen before (but who holds himself like a Kuchiki) glancing up at them just briefly.*

This is worse than I ever could have imagined. How could it have ended so unexpectedly? I really thought or hoped that he felt the same way that I do. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants? Maybe - oh this is worse - maybe he does, and I can't provide it...

I really need to clear my head. I could really use some sake.

*He fully intended to find food for Jyuu, but was feeling way too conflicted about it. Though he wanted to, maybe this would be exactly the thing Jyuu didn't want from him. After all he didn't hold him back from leaving his side - none of this seemed right, but if it's what Jyuu wants, maybe it doesn't matter.*

*Finds himself in a large flower garden, filled with the smell of roses, lilac and freesias, though it doesn't bring him the contentment he's used to. Finds a long bench underneath a large magnolia tree, and lies down on it, his arm resting over his eyes.*

...I wish I knew what to do.
Time: At about the same time as Ichigo is wandering around looking for his mother.
Location: The kitchen. ^^

*There is a large and dreadful clanging from the kitchen, which sounds rather like someone very uncoordinated walking into a rack of pots and pans. Which is exactly what it is.*


*Aizen has de-aged to his Academy days, when he had a nasty case of acne, couldn't walk without tripping over something, and his only claim to sorta-cool was being Prop Manager for the student kabuki club. AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY HE'S OUT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.*

*Looks around at the gleaming countertops--it's been thoroughly cleaned and restocked since the kids left for the pool.*

Wh-what's going on??
Time: about five minutes after leaving the upstairs bedroom
Location: the front foyer, not too far from the Grand Suite.

*Ichigo wandered down the stairs, and is now standing in the entryway, staring up at the ceiling in awe and fear.*

I-it's soooooo big...how am I ever gonna find 'Kaa-san in here?? I WANNA BE BACK IN OUR RIGHT-SIZE HOUSE! EVEN IF THEY HAVE MORE TRANSFORMERS HERE!

*Plops down the floor to sniffle and sulk, and unwittingly break Isshin's brain in the process...*
25th-Oct-2006 03:58 pm - Open to anyone - you might get wet!
ice queen by happyculture
Location: Pool
Time: Late-morning

*Follows behind Tatsuki, looking left and right and above at the rich doors, paintings, and vases all around*

this floor is really cold and smooth under my feet. I'm going to need to steal some shoes soon if-

Tatsuki, LOOK!!

*Just beyond a glass door is a large, flat veranda, and just past that is a large, crystalline pool of water like nothing she's ever seen before. The water is a gorgeous blue instead of muddy brown or green, and she wonders if there are equally beautiful fish swimming below the water's surface*

Can we go that way?

*doesn't wait for an answer, but takes off for the door - slamming into it - then jostling the handle for nearly a minute before she (by pure luck) manages to open it and runs out to the pool*

*Sets the food in a careful pile by a potted plant, and drapes her kimono over it for good measure before taking a running, stark-naked leap into the pool.*
Jin's great-great-great grandson
Time: About an hour after the two of them first woke up in the mansion.
Location: Front lawn, among the flower beds.

*Takes a deep breath, steadying himself as he automatically scans the horizon for possible threats, and then turns around to face his mind-bending little charge again...and a lovely yellow swallowtail butterfly flits between them.*

*Eyes get very wide, and he giggles almost girlishly.*

Oooooooh, look ototo! How pretty~~~!

*The butterfly squeeage? It's hereditary. And EXTREMELY amusing to watch.*
20th-Oct-2006 02:31 pm - [Open to anyone]
Location: Grand Suite (if I read that right) on the first floor
Time: Morning

*is lying on a luxurious four poster king size bed, sound asleep. Isshin doesn't look that different, apart from the fact that he doesn't have a beard and is also a bit thinner ^^ The small noises and moans he can't hold back make it clear that he isn't alone in his dream*

Oh... Oh yes, do that again! Oooooh...

*lets out a big contented sigh*

Oh Masaki, you're such a naughty girl! You know you're going to have to pay for that.

*starts shifting in his sleep and...*

Come here, you!!

*falls off the bed and lands on the marble floor with a loud thud*

Ooooow!! Oh man, that hurts!!

*sitting up and rubbing his right side* Where the heck am I? Wait a minute... That's not our room. And it sure isn't the girls' either...

*getting up* Oh f***! What the hell is going on? Where am I?

Dorky Salute
Location: Upper Terrace on the second floor
Time: Morning, the sun is shining

*opens his eyes and realises he's staring at a relatively clear blue sky, which is odd because he could swear that the last thing he remembers was walking down the corridor of the Academy for his next lesson*

Did I pass out in the middle of the corridor?? I don't remember a thing. And even if I had, what would I be doing lying down outside?

*realises his back hurts, and no wonder since he's been lying down for God knows how long on a cold stone floor*

Oh great, the last thing I need is a cold...

*sits up, rubbing his lower back, and finally takes in his surroundings. On one side: a building with tall doors that looks nothing like the Academy. On the other: a thick stone banister and beyond it a garden more beautiful than he's ever seen, extending into lawn as woods as far as he can see*

*eyes open wide* Wh--where am I now??
18th-Oct-2006 08:53 pm - Open to Anyone
Location: Closet (the wardrobe that connects to the Children's Suite)
Time: Can't tell, it's dark!

*Has hidden away in closets man times before, but not in such a long time now*

No. This is a bad dream. Just a dream - nii-san took me away from this a long time ago. Yes! Just a dream!

*Pushes the door open and pokes head out. Looks around and sees - toys. Lots and lots of toys.

Woooooooow. Am I in a STORE?

*Stands up in middle of the room*




Okay. He should come any minute now.

*Sits down and plays with a Transformer.*
18th-Oct-2006 08:20 pm - Open to anyone
Place: Kitchen
Time: Morning?

*Curled up on a cold tile floor, under the table*


*Opens a sleepy eye, and THIS ISN'T THE RUKONGAI, AND WHERE'S RENJI?*

*huddles under the table and looks around*

So hungry - but not a market or river in sight.

*Ventures out like a feral bunny, looking around cautiously, and moving forward a little bit at a time, until she's finally standing up, and no longer under the table*

Someone could starve in a place like this. So hard and cold, with no food...

*Moves toward the kitchen sink, and screams when she turns the faucet and water comes out - quickly turns off the water*

What kind of place is this?


*opens a drawer - knives. A cabinet - pretty white dishes. Another door, this one made of steel - *


*Looks around surreptitiously. Stuffs some fruit in her mouth, then takes several handfuls of food and shoves it into her kimono*

Ohhhhhhhh COLD!!!

*Sneaks around cautiously, hoping to find Renji - or a safe place to get this cold food away from her body and into her mouth.*
19th-Oct-2006 12:11 pm - [Open to everyone]
石田 雨竜 です。
Time: shortly after the forced mass naptime
Location: Library

*blinks his eyes open and sits up, finding his glasses on the floor beside him and putting them on*

Oh? Did I fall asleep here? Where am I? This doesn't look like my house, or Sensei's house...

Sensei...? Tou-san...?

*stands up and looks around, noticing the shelves of books and walks towards them*

"Fangirling for Dummies"? Huh? Where am I?
*There is a castle on a hill, surrounded by huge green lawns, and beyond them, forest as far as the eye can see. It's as luxurious inside as out, everything is beautiful and comfortable and ready and waiting for its new occupants to wake up and explore...

...and it's all being watched and heard by the eyes and ears in the walls.*

*Voice from behind a smirking female portrait:* Let's see if they're any more cooperative now...

OOC: We've got enough characters taken out at the wedding by this point to start forming threads for the new arc...when your characters are ready to launch, please try and spread out a little, so we have several threads with a few characters in each. THANKS, AND LET THE CRACK BEGIN!
Right, so, first thing on the agenda: lightseeker81 has joined the game as Urahara Kisuke (getaboshi_love), and will be joining in the action as soon as the next arc starts. A big warm welcome to you, Sabine, and we hope you'll enjoy being a member of the cast! The cast list, contact sheet, and console code will be updated to reflect the changes.

All of you know the drill by now for archives: This is the compilation of archive posts for September. October activity summaries will be due on Sunday the 4th of November, and links should be placed in comments to this post. Extensions are always available, but you must contact me or Charlie to let us know that you're going to be late.

September ActivityCollapse )
For Soap Opera arc
Time: The morning when everyone is nervous and hung-over!
Location: A small chapel, vaguely Christian in nature.
[OOC: A note on how this thread will work. Characters will filter in slowly until all other threads are complete and everyone is ready to go full-tilt on the wedding. Posting will be in regular, not log, format, but at the end of the thread when the rebellion takes place, players will be allowed to violate the "one location per thread" rule (as in log posting) and have their characters scatter and flee across and out of the set.]

*The chapel is rather liberally decorated with white draperies and arrangements of orange blossoms, which rather strategically hide the places where the set crew did a less than stellar job of hiding that this was until very recently a conference room. Up at what is probably the altar (but it's a little on the generic side to be certain) Aizen is happily puttering around in a cassock that looks a lot like a refurbished high school graduation gown.*

*Singing, slightly out of tune:*
I'm not getting married in the morning~
But ding-dong the bells are going to chime~
Kuchiki-san's ticked off~
Abarai-kun'll be kicked off~
So get them to the church on time~~~!

*Hears footsteps and murmurs beyond the door, and puts a finger to his lips for silence as he finds a place to hide...so that he saves the WTF for a larger audience.*
Hello, this is your substitute Admin, hidden_gems (Look, I finally have absolute powers!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!)


First of all, no one's left (pfew!) or joined us this month, so no cast announcement.

As most of you know, we had a bit of a scare on Sunday when the entire layout disappeared for apparently no reason. Former Admin penguin_sensei had decided to clear her Photobucket account, convinced we'd copied all the files and uploaded them somewhere else. Well, organised people like her would have ^^; But cilou and I put it all back together and now I'm organised like whoa, so unless my Photobuket account suddenly disappears and cilou loses the css file, we should be OK!!

And while I was doing various things here and there, I decided to create a new "logs" tag, seeing how we've got 3 now and I thought it would make it easier for everyone if we wanted to go back to them later on.

And now on to more serious business.

Here is the list of all archive posts for August 2006. We're still missing a few posts but it's all being taken care of.

So you know the drill; when the time comes, please post links to September archive posts as they are completed in replies to this thread. SEPTEMBER ARCHIVE POSTS ARE DUE OCTOBER 4. As always, extensions are available to those who need them, but you MUST contact me or Admin-sama if that is the case!

Thank you, and enjoy the crack!

(Does anyone else have the feeling I'm enjoying these responsibilities a bit too much...? ^^)

August ActivityCollapse )
17th-Aug-2006 08:54 pm - [OPEN - but especially to Uryuu]
Location: Mansion's kitchen
Time: Pretty late at night

*Humming happily as she takes out baking supplies, candies and icing to make extra-pretty things*

Baking with Ishida-kun~
I get to bake with Ishida-kun~
I bet his cupcakes will be so pretty~
Wish I still had a missile boobie~

Hey, I made up a new cool song!

Baking with Ishida-kun....
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