[ Open to Ryuuken, Isshin]

Time: Early in the evening
Location: Urahara Shouten

Tsk. I'd best be shipping Ryuuken off to Hueco Mundo as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for him that won't mean that he's getting rid of me, especially since I'll be inviting myself to tag along with him and Isshin. I've still got a bone to pick with Aizen...

~ ♥ I would never ever ever offer Isshin some pills to sedate you, although they...in theory of course...could have a very pleasant and stunning effect on your otherwise cheerful mood. ♥ ~

*snaps his fingers and suddenly an elevator covered in cobwebs appears in the middle of the store*

~ Gentlemen...let's head to the gate, shall we? ♥ ~
Shunsui - mischievous

[To Ikkaku specifically, others if they really want to]

Time: Just after ditching the captain's meeting
Location: Seireitei rooftop

*Stretches out on his back under the late morning sun, and tips his hat low over his eyes.*

THIS is what I need - not a captain's meeting and Byakuya's uptightness... *sighs* ... maybe he'll mellow when he's older.

Though I won't hold my breath.

*Drifts into light sleep, but keeps an ear out for Ikkaku.*

If he really wants to go to Hueco Mundo, and he knows I'm not against the idea, then he should know where to find me...

[Admin post] Required reading--Participation Check

I assume everyone has noticed the recent standstill, and I apologize for taking so long to do something about it.

And what I am doing is: a participation check. Even before the stoppage, some people were going absentee without leaving hiatus notices, and that needs to be rectified. Also, some players have allowed one or two of their characters to become inactive--I'm guilty of this myself with Aizen.

SO. As of today, everyone who is in a stalled thread has one week to either A) make a post if they are the next in line, or B) reply to this comment that they are still in the game if they are not next up. Anyone whose characters are NOT currently in a thread needs to find a thread to get in, new or old.

If that is not possible, the player needs to give me a valid reason why so that I can put them on hiatus, OR to resign from the game. (Either leave a comment here, or shoot me an email.) Any characters that do not meet the deadline will be considered forfeit, and removed from the game.


Ichigo and Aizen have been updated and Ryuuken is still in, so I am cleared in the participation check.

captain_ukitake in the thread with Rukia.
getaboshi_guy in the Urahara Shoten thread.
ikkaku_ball in the Soul Society thread (or declare that thread complete and move on to, I dunno, sparring with Byakuya to work off tension).

quincy_skillz is currently up in the Grimmjow/Ichigo fight thread, but that thread has not yet stalled.

stray_dog_renji (You can join Rukia in the call to Ukitake?)
u1qui0rra (Can also join that thread and try to stop her call, or get distracted by Renji?)

cybershunsui, kuchiki_sama, and ikkaku_ball need to restart if the "captain's meeting" thing is decided to be done with. I would suggest having Ikkaku and Byakuya spar, and Shunsui watch with his hangover.

This will be cross-posted into the OOC comm.

[To Orihime, open to others if the occasion arises]

Time: Just after sending Renji and Rukia off to bake pies.
Location: Orihime's holding cell.

*Is humming a jaunty little tune, and fortunately concealing his slavering at the thought of all the pie that should be waiting for him when he gets done with....a little taunting session.*

Ukelala hasn't been properly intimidating the prisoner...there needs to be more psychological warfare! WITH A SMILE!

*Just walking in casually, never mind knocking--that's for mere mortals.*

grumpy diagram

[Open to people in Hueco Mundo, and people on Rukia and Renji's speed-dial list]

Time - hard to tell, but after meeting with Aizen-sama
Location - Las Noches kitchen

*Has sleeves tied back and is wearing a ridiculous apron and chef's hat.*

*Stares at counter-ful of ingredients and appliances, then glances dubiously up at Renji, who looks equally confused.*

Ulquiorra looks distracted right now - maybe he won't notice...

*turns her back to him as she pulls out her cel phone and presses "13", which should transfer her directly to Ukitake-taichou.*

Oh please, please, please don't be mad at me for this, taichou - but I've got no one else to call and if there's anyone in the world who knows desserts, you're my only hope....
Bankai penis

[Open to everyone, especially Uryuu]

Location: Generic Hallway in Las Noches
Time: About five minutes after a mutual loss of virginity.

*Offhandedly to Uryuu, as he slings Zangetsu back in place:* Yeah yeah yeah...I'll take it down as much as I CAN...lucky for you Hollow is all pervert-happy and playing nice right now...

*His reiatsu, which is now noticeably less dark than it was while he was screwing Uryuu, retreats several notches as he stands tapping one lip with a finger, surveying their choice of hallways.*


*Takes off at full speed down the "coolest-looking" corridor.*

((OOC: Uryuu and Ichigo have now completed their log, and anyone in Hueco Mundo is welcome to interrupt their search for Orihime!))

[Open to Yoruichi, Ururu, Isshin, Ryuuken]

Time: late in the afternoon
Location: Urahara Shouten

*moans as he opens his eyes* *blinks* How did I end up in the storage room? And more importantly...where did that little
Hollow go off to? I'm sure I didn't imagine Bya-kun melting that kettle and making horrible tea. Perhaps I should have saved
a sample....it could have been useful as a poison.

*looks around, notices several empty sake bottles on the floor and sees that the door is locked*

Hmm....maybe I shouldn't lhave gotten myself suckered into a drinking competition with Yoruichi again. You'd think that I'd learned
as much by now. I've just never had any kind of hallucinations after a drinking binge.

~ ♥ Yoruichi-san, I told you that we should have stopped after the tenth bottle... ♥ ~

[Open to Rukia, Renji, Grimmjow, Aizen then other Hueco Mundo people]

Time: After leaving the kitchen
Location: Throne Room
*Arrives in the throne room with the two shinigami and Grimmjow*
*Bows* Aizen sama...I bring you two shinigami intruders that have surrendered. They were discovered in the kitchen having a food fight with Grimmjow Jaggerjack.
*Looks sideways at Grimmjow and smirks*
They claim to have information on the rest of their party...however I feel this is unimportant.

[Open to the captains or anyone in Soul Society]

Time:  Late morning
Location:  Outside Captains' Meeting Hall


*is leaning up against a wall outside the Captain's Meeting Hall waiting for Byakuya to show up*

The more I sit around here doing nothing the more I keep thinking about those weird dreams I had.  They didn't really feel like dreams, though, and Yumichika seemed to remember at least part of it, which is really weird.  I can always ask Kuchiki-taichou, Kyouraku-taichou, and Ukitake-taichou if they remember any of that weird stuff.  If they remember some of it, then that means that I must not be going completely crazy.

*pull Houzukimaru out from his belt and sighs*

I will go crazy if I have to stay here without any action!  Kuchiki-taichou must have helped Renji and Rukia get to Hueco Mundo, and even though it was a mission to rescue Orihime-chan, there still must be plenty of Hollows and Arrancar there to fight, and that's all I care about!

[Open to Ururu, and others if they're at or near the corner store]

Time: After leaving Urahara Shouten
Location: The Corner Store

*Once she's in the sun, she stretches and yawns. And then remembers that now is not a good time for a catnap*

Oh, he definitely won't mind. It's his fault we're doing it anyway.

*Walks into the store once they reach it, still amazed by the sliding doors*

Why don't we have doors like that for the shouten? But then maybe it's easier to break in with doors like these, because they don't look like they have locks on them like our doors do. Does that mean this place is always open? So I can come here in the middle of the night when I run out of milk or sake?

Alright! Where to first? Do you know where they keep the sake?